Sunday, 7 August 2011

Spanish civil war Condor legion panzer I and crewman 1/72.

Hello all,

This has been a long time coming, from the point of planning, info gathering, buying and getting off my arse and doing!
I hope you like it.
I have been on about doing a Spanish civil war dio for ages,but found that there are virtually no descent SCW figures in 20mm,1/72 on the market.There might be a few metal war gaming figures but none that I know of.
The Panzer I is from Italeri and was spotted in a local shop, I always wanted a MKI panzer and this ticked both boxes.I keep saying I will get another one when I post things but this I will because I learnt a few lesson's on this job.One being I hate link tracks!
 The stowage for the tank is from SGTS MESS  range of bit's and the straps are made from green stuff.I was tired of putting stowage on and not strapping it down, it didn't look right.
The only real problem I had apart from the tracks was the gun barrels lost their ends on the spruce when removing and the side panel didn't quite fit snugly in the hole.
The decals went on like a dream and I have to say I like Italeri decals, they work and don't shine.
The Panzer was airbrushed with a coat of Russian green primer and then with Vallejo model air gunship green.I am getting the hang of airbrushing so on to camouflage next!
The whole tank was then given a good wash with burnt umber and the pencil came out for some quick wear and tear on the edges of the tank and hatches.
 The figure is from Caesar's Panzer crew set.A knife came out and removed the blokes hat and was given a new Beret with green stuff.
I copied this fellow straight from the front cover of the Osprey Condor legion book.
I used Vallejo Iraqi sand and gave it a good wash with burnt umber.I washed the face with umber as well instead of flesh and I think it has came out better.
The base is the same one I used for a duel with Paul, the one with the two pissed medieval blokes.
I am running out of space in my second bedroom and it is dictating my modelling at the moment, I fear I will have to swap rooms with my son and put up some shelves.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Modellours Workshop said...

Great diorama

Plastic Hussar said...

Excellent diorama, very inspiring. If you still want SCW figures, check these guys out:
They produce the old Hotspur range.

Paul´s Bods said...

Classy little dio..and an uncommon subject..nice one mate

Tim Gow said...

Nice. The first Panzer I I built was destined for service in the SCW.

Bard said...

That's excellent. It really looks great.

Paul said...

This I like.

Good all round work. That Pz I is the old ESCI kit and is a pig. You have done very well indeed.

Regards Paul

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Lovely work

Nice to see the Panzer I in something other than German Grey