Sunday, 19 September 2010


This was an entry in a competition on Benno's forum,mind you it didn't get very far got though the first round and was soundly beaten.This was some of my earlier work,I think it would have benefited from a background rather than my kitchen work top but you live and learn.The ceasna bird dog was the first plane I had built in about twenty years(as you can tell).It's an airfix model that I picked up from my local model shop.the kit was going cheap because of the age of it.The decals fell apart on contact with water so that explains the hap hazard placing of them.I have now invested in some microsolve decal restorer and can only sing its praises.I tried to put some foliage in the wheels to give the impression of low flying exploits and dare doing,but I don't think anyone noticed.
The figures are from ESCI NATO pilots,they are more for the 80's than Vietnam but close enough for my liking.I could have done a few more ground crew but ran out of time,so one day I might just add a couple more blokes.
The jeep is from Academy's WWII jeep set,which is well worth getting.the extras like fuel cans,drums,crates and other bits and bobs are worth the money on there own.I messed up with the wind shield when I made the kit I should have put it down on the bonnet but by then it was too late.
The lean too is from Airfix's jungle outpost,very quick and effective model to put together even for an idiot like me.the other bits like the oil drum trolley is from Airfix's USAF set and ESCI.The ground work was done by spreading a load of PVA glue on the base and covering it in sand,wait for it to dry and then painted a suitable reddy brown colour.Then the grass was added a there you go.

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