Saturday, 4 September 2010

First post!

Hello people,

This is my first post on my new blog.The wife "encouraged" me to start a blog on my hobby.I think she believes that this will give her more time with the telly.
I should give you a bit of info about myself to know who's ramblings your reading!I am a 30 something family man who has only recently got back into the hobby after about 15 year break.I start like most people as a child playing with airfix sets and got bored of playing with dull same coloured plastic coloured soldiers.So I decided to liven them up with a splash of paint.I don't think they would have won many prizes but at the age of seven I thought they were ready for trooping the colour.I started using humbrol enamel paint and for many a year they seemed to do the trick
My collection started with airfix and then to matchbox figures and  AFV's.Then came along ESCI!!!I had the lot every 1/72 figure set the did.And thankfully I still have them to this day,although most have gone through the paint striping phase to reclaim them from massive blobs of enamel paint.

Then girls,football,beer and work put a long break on my hobby and up in the loft they went.How I got back into the hobby could be argued wasn't really my idea.My wife decided that I should give up smoking.So to find something to take my mind off the nicotine and give my fingers something else to do I thought why not give painting figures another go.

After many a night trying to use the paint brush for a substitute cigarette I found Benno's figures forum and it has improved my painting dramatically,which was not very difficult because my first efforts were pants!
I switched to using Vallejo acrylic paints and have not looked back.

I am now a moderator on Bennos figures which I am very proud of. I am very thankful for the support and encouragment that I have recieved so far.Its a great forum that encourages novices like myself to post their work online,which is a very daunting thing to do.To put your work up for people to comment on and critique along side  really great work can put a lot of people off,but the friendly atmosphere and good humour make everyone of every level welcome.(I hope thats enough sucking up to the boss!!!!).

Please bear with me on this blog as it is still work in progress,

Cheers Rich.


Maurice said...

Nice blog Rich, been thinking about starting one myself as well.

vr said...

Sweet blog, Rich!


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