Monday, 27 September 2010


Hello again,its been a busy weekend.This is an attempt at tarting up an old model.I did this tank when I started to get back into the hobby,a nice simple kit that I highly recommend.Its only got about 20 or so pieces and the tracks come as on complete piece,bonus!The decals are a pain in the arse,or its just me not knowing what I am doing.That is why there is a large amount of Mig pigments all over the place,to hide the crap job I did with the decals,looks liked it worked.The original paint job was completely the wrong colour,bright green.With some dry brushing, Tamiyia weathering stick, Mig pigments(Dark mud and Iraqi sand),I think I have rescued it from the Ebay pile.Looking on the airfix tribute forum There is a lot that I could have done,like filling gaps on the top,handles etc,etc.But I will be getting one or two more kits because you get no less than eight different decal options.For a propper review please follow this link to the "on the way site"Emhar whippet kit review from on the way.

The crew are from Emhar WWI British infantry,Emhar WWI British infantry and tank crew.I cocked up by not noticing the mould lines till after I posted the pics on Benno's forum.Mould lines are the bane of my life,if there was three thing I rid this world of it would be War,hunger and bloody mould lines, I will save Rolf Harris for another day.They are made from hard plastic so getting rid of the should not have been a problem,not having a couple of beers when painting them would of also helped.There is a couple more figures from this set that could have join this dio but I think I might save them for another day.
The base I am NOT happy with.I could have sunk the tracks in a bit more,put foot prints in the mud,made puddles with some water in,barbed wire on and on the list grows.I used the normal sand and glue method,with painting,dry brushing,and Mig pigments.I am struggling to come up with new base ideas to be honest but I think I need to stop getting side tracked with new projects.

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