Sunday, 26 September 2010


This soldier came to me by way of some bad packing or very clever advertising.As I was opening my set of Caesar British commandos(bloody great set by the way)all the way from Bryan at always models in Taiwan,this fellow fell out.I do not know if they put them in to encourage people to buy the other sets or what,but it works because they are next on the list.It has happened to me before when I got a German in a greatcoat before they were released.Didn't know what I was looking at at the time other wise I would have painted him up and shown off"oohhh look at me and my new figure".Strangely Modern Kiwi has three of the modern brits that they STILL haven't released yet,Chris I am jealous as hell mate!

Anyway back to the figure,I know very little about Italian uniform or kit but they look the part and as some else said its great to have a set of Italians doing something other than running or armed with A heavy machine gun. Not sure if the colour is right but after watching "EL Alamein" on the telly(which is well worth a watch,nice to see the battle from another point of view)it looks close enough for me.The base was made or should I say thrown together on A4 paper and loose gravel placed around the base.Some have said it looks like kitty litter,I say "cheeky gits".I had to rush to get the picture taken after work to get some daylight,living in Britain where we have the same amount of daylight as the north pole in winter time is limited(I should buy a descent light or two).Anyway when I buy the set I will knock a few more up and give it a better base...promise.

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ModernKiwi said...

It's only two of the modern Brit's mate...

Great job on the Italian, makes me want to go ruin the credit card and order up a bunch of new stuff.