Sunday, 26 September 2010


Well I bought this on ebay after a lot of searching and actually got it for a reasonable price.I had to paint it in the "Red baron colours"it would have been rude not too.If I have the good fortune to obtain another one then I would not hesitate to try the cammo schemes that I have seen on the net.If you do get the chance to buy one do,the detail in the cockpit is a lot better than the normal Revell WWI planes because it has some!It was well worth doing a bit of research on the kit build on this one,especially on the advice about painting the wings first before construction.Shame this kit did not come with a pilot,but dark dream studios do a great set of WWI pilots and ground crewDark dream studio WWI pilots that will fit nicely.This kit deserves to do painted with a bit more care than I have and will get a bit more attention and better basing in the future.....promise!
I am not into the first world war that much and my knowledge is limited but the colourful planes are hard to resist and an interesting addition to my collection,this isn't my first and will not be my last(I can hear you all and my wife begging me not to buy any more).

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