Saturday, 11 September 2010


This is an Airfix/JB models Alvis Saladin armoured car.
The Saladin was in use with the British army during the sixties and seventies.
I really like the JB model kits for there simplicity and detailing .Brilliant kits to start getting back into the hobby or to get a quick war gaming army started.

The main problem with this kit is the wheels are too close to the wheel arches.I read on the airfix tribute forum that this can be solved with a 2mm thick bit of plastic card on the hull and suspension points,sods law I read this after I finished mine.
The Ariel's are also a little chunky so they came off and was replaced with florist wire which gives a more realistic finish.
The stowage mainly came from SGTS Mess and CMSC.With a liberal amount of washes and weathering it dawned on me that I hadn't put the decals on yet!
After many minutes searching and exhausting my vocab of swear words I had to admit I had lost them.Luckily I have the land rover set which has spare number plates so all was not lost.

I was very glad to hear Airfix are taking over the JB models range,it would have been a real shame if they just disappeared for ever.I would have loved to have seen what else they would have come up with if they wore still going.

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Paul said...

Nice wee dio, well done!