Sunday, 4 November 2012

Italeri M4A3 75mm Sherman fastbuild 1/72

Hello all,

I thought to myself that I don't have any Sherman's in my collection, well built anyway. Seeing some of the great work done on these fast build kits, especially Thanos's work on his panthers, so I thought I would give them a whirl.You even get two models for your money so it can't be bad!
 I was surprised how "quick" these went together.About 5 or 10 minutes and there you go.

Its not the most detailed kit in the world by any means, but for war gamers it is ideal. If it had the light guards separate it would really make this kit.

Why Italeri do not follow Pegasus's example with having sagging tracks is beyond me. Even open turret hatches would be nice.

My addiction to spray cans is evident again, using humbrol 155 olive drab to finish this one, not a bad finish at all.

The decals went on fine, like most of italeri's do. They give you four options which is handy. Also they have moulded the barrel end  to look like a barrel.

Here is the finished tank on an old base but it fits very well for say Normandy.
I am sold on these fast build kits, they keep getting better and better, steer clear of the earlier Russian kit and most of the old Armour fast kits, the newer Armour fast is better now.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Thanos said...

Nice work! They do look good these fast built kits, don't they Rich? I am thinking of uploading some painting guides on my blog for future reference. Thanks very much for mentioning my blog! ;-)

peter said...

Excellent built and painted Rich! I may give them a try once!


Erhntly said...

Good job Rich

Tim Gow said...

I've not built this kit but it looks great to me. And at the prices I've see it for you really can't go wrong.

Remco said...

It may have been quick to put this together, but the result is stunning!
Like the vignette in the last picture as wel, cool work!

Think I have to start on one of my many boxes of shermans as wel...

Great work Rich!

Paul´s Bods said...

Great result ..especially for a quick kit.
Funnily enough I haven´t built a tank for yonks and was looking at an Airfix sherman (in the stash)...might give it a bash after seeing this one.

Ps....if you put the blog on message moderation and get rid of the get some well funny spam. Offers for buying land in syria etc...great fun.
It all gets caught as it comes in..and even if it slips into the message section you can kill it.

Alois Nebel said...

Hi Rich,

try S-model fastbuilds too. They´re more detailed and easy to built too.


Jay said...

Looks good!

Paul said...

Great work Rich, its a gem!

Al said...

Super detail Rich, cool base too