Friday, 9 November 2012

Revell Macchi C.200 SAETTA WWII 1/72

Hello all,

This kit fed my appetite for all things Italian. I have a soft spot for WWII Italian kit, don't know where it comes from but I have one. This kit ticked several boxes for me, firstly its Italian, secondly its very simple and finally and most importantly its cheap! It has given me the opportunity to try masking canopy's again and to bugger about with varnish from a spray can.
To say its simple is an understatement, how it rated a skill level three is beyond me.It has now under carriage wells at all, you can see right through it (at a funny angle). It wouldn't take much to sort it out but I have not bothered with it this time.
The canopy was a simple affair  as well, but it did pose a challenge to mask them off which is all practise much needed. Canopy's really make a model aircraft for me, it show a skill level that I am far from reaching.

The build of this aircraft took about half an hour which would explain why I put the the landing gear the wrong way round, modelling with beer, will I ever learn!

I think I might have finally found a yellow paint that works for me, it took a couple of coats but the Revell matt colour seams to be working.

A few issues with the masking of the engine and rear white stripe were over come to give a half descent result.

The spray cans came out again for this model, and I think I took a risk with Humbrol 80 grass green and got away with it. Its a bit light but I am happy with it.

The camo painting was helped with the aid of larger. painting camo while pissed helps no end I think. I didn't intend to paint it then but I started a bit and then went for it.

The gloss varnish spray worked well for a change and the decals took well. they are rather thin so I would recommend a coat of white paint.

All in all a nice little kit for the princely sum of £4.50, I would get another kit to try the German decals.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Nick Grant said...

Really nice work Rich.

Giano said...

Nice effort! the camo is quite effective I'd say, fits really well for the C.200.
me too have a soft spot on italian kits, and this kit is on my "wanted" list - the more so after I've seen your post!

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

very nice work! I think it looks excellent. of coarse the undercarriage is a problem but if hidden it is a really nice result

peter said...

Excellent work Rich! I agree about the yellow colour. I was used to work with GW Golden Yellow, but now I use the Revell Yellow to. It covers much better!


Paul´s Bods said...

Painting yellow? First mix the yellow with sand brown 50/50 and paint that as a base, then either reduce to 30 brown 70 yellow and then just yellow or got to yellow and then add a bit of white to the last coat..peasy :-D Depends a wee bit on the original base colour though.
Nice looking plane btw ;-D

Paul said...

First class effort on this Rich, it looks great.

Thanos said...

Some difficult colours to achieve...but you managed to succeed in painting them Rich. Excellent work in a 'smiley' price! :)