Sunday, 25 November 2012

Italeri Wessex HAR.2 RAF Search and rescue 1967 1/72

Hello all,

Time for something completely different! Well that's a bit of a lie, its still 1/72 and its still a plastic model but it is a helicopter, it is RAF and it is civilian so not that normal. After battling with the colour yellow for a small band on a small Italian fighter I decided to go mental and paint a whole helicopter in it!
 I have worked on a similar model from Italeri, the Seahorse but I managed to waste 15 hours of work with one spray of varnish. Canopy's and Matt varnish spray really. REALLY DO NOT MIX!!!!! The whole lot misted up and wrecked it.
This model only took me the weekend to knock up and even though there is a few minor errors I can live with them.
I remember from the last model to drill the holes out before I put the the fuselage together this time, and saved time by spraying the cockpits on the spruces.

The main build took all of a rainy Saturday and painted on a drizzly Sunday morning, so not a Marathon build at all.

Again helicopters and myself have a history and not a happy one at that. I think I have only really built one that I was happy with.

The rota blades were a pain in the arse, the yellow stripes do not fit all the way round, and mine was an old kit so the decals broke up, so some hand painting was required.

The masking up was done and a mistake occurred that I will go into later.
Spraying came next and I am waiting for the wife to find out I have sprayed bright yellow on the black stone in the front doorway, she will go apocalyptic!!!!!

After I removed the masking tape, I thought not again! I had forgotten to wipe my finger prints from the inside of the glass!!!!

The decals went on like a dream on the gloss paint, even though they weren't the clearest of instructions so a few are were I wanted them.

The exhaust pipes are not great and did not need to be in two half's, also the copper colour  is a  bit iffy.

Yeah I know the last two pictures are the same has the top but I could decide which was the best two so I put them both on, my Blog I do what I like.

I am quite happy with this helicopter it ticks a few boxes and I did learn a few things so not a bad weekends work at all.


Cheers for looking,    Rich.


Giano said...

Good model! Helicopters are a nightmare, I've built only a couple and I had enough. So I know how frustrating they can be. Great job on the yellow too, that's another nightmare of mine.

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

I like it. its as yellow as the real thing

Nick Grant said...

Great work Rich, a very grunty looking piece of kit very nicely put together. The yellow looks fab!

Tim Gow said...

Now that I like. I remember these being a familiar sight in coastal skies.

peter said...

Excellent work Rich! Helicopters are not really my thing to built! This one I like!


Erhntly said...

Hi, You got a Liebster award. Check out the details at

Paul said...

Masterful work Rich, most impressive mate