Tuesday, 20 November 2012

TQD Casting British infantry "Crete" 1941 1/72.

Hello all,

Nearly slipped again, sorry for not posting comments on every ones blogs that new code word anti spamming thingy is a pain in the arse!!!!!
This post was for a duel on Bennos with "Ben Bob" and it ended up a well deserved draw. It was a great excuses to use these figures from TQD casting, the rest of the set is Mediterranean troops in various uniforms, but after a bit of research these were the most suitable.
The base is not the greatest I have done and feel I could have tweaked it a bit.

The uniform colour was Vallejo panzer aces British tanker uniform and the webbing is a mix of Iraqi sand and khaki.

The Bren gun is not quite right either, I should have given it a quick dry brushing with gun metal.

A quick wash of Vallejo burnt umber has given it some shading high lighted with tamiya sand.

The base was the normal sand, PVA and plaster rocks, with some silfor tufts and woodland scenic foliage.

I reckon a good background picture would have set it off.

The angles of the pictures are a bit iffy but not that bad.
I sound like I am moaning about this duel but its not as bad as I am making out, I am happy with the figures really and I was up against a bloody opponent as well.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Thanos said...

I like it very much mate!
Especially because it is made from the battle of Crete. :)

ModernKiwi said...

Good stuff Rich. Would have been better (ie mopre likely to win) if they'd been Kiwi's though... :-)

Beccas said...

Very good work. Very impressed.

Erhntly said...

nice vinyet !!

Jay said...

Very nice diorama!

Al said...

Nice mate, agreed about the word verification, not on m blog

Nick Grant said...

Very nicely done Rich. Love the base, it reminds me of the hard slog over the hills that the poor blokes had to face when they were bugging out.

Great job.

mork6969 said...

Thumbs up for this diorama. Very nice, indeed!

Paul said...

Sweet looking work. Well done Rich.

peter said...

Don't be to hard on yourself Rich, that base is excellent! And also the figures are great painted!


Anonymous said...

great basing, cheers, zzed

Ian said...

I also like it, got to like Crete, I also hate the word verification.Turned it off on mine and so far very little spam