Friday, 16 March 2012

Airfix M113 US APC Vietnam 1/76.

Hello all,

 WHAT! Four posts in one week, is the world coming to an end. No I have raided the stash of work that has built up and is just waiting to  bust on to the blogging world. Beer and blogging I believe is a perfect mix, after a mental week at work where the sound track should have been from "Benny hill"! Gary our resident bald comrade kept looking over his shoulder in case we slapped him on the head!
I have just spent about four hours watching "The Hero's" featuring Jason Donovan in the canoe raid on Singapore, a pain to watch that way but worth it. Contemplating watching the second one.
Any way back to the plastic kit in question, the kit was another two hour wonder apart from the decals which is another story.
This Ex JB model is another quick build which is a war gamers dream and a squadron could be knocked up in short order.

Not a lot more can be add to this build than in the other post because it was done in the same night.

The M60's that come with the kit are bobbing's, really crap and I don't why the bothered. These came from CMSC from the spares box. I should have cut the fore grips off but forgot.

The Ariel is the new found paint brush bristles which is the best choice I found so far.

The weathering was a bit over board to say the least on this job.

Again the beer monster began to give me advice and I forgot the decals. This was the old JB model issue and I thought the decals would be old and useless and I was right. I cocked them up royally and then  tried to weather my out of the problem.

I am still chuffed with the build and even a few beers didn't put to many obstacles in the way.

Cheers for looking,    Rich.


Tim Gow said...

Very neat. Did you find the beer helped?

Nick Grant said...

Very nice. Good job!

Paul said...

Nice job, and even better when you combined the beer with the build.

Those hull guns are throw aways all right!

Nice ass of posts in less than a week. Well done.

Paul said...

ass...I meant mass, sorry its been one of those weeks.