Sunday, 11 March 2012

TQD Castings WWII British commando 1/72.

Hello all,

I have been neglecting the blogging world lately and for that I am very, very sorry! And I really mean it as well. My life has been at "warp 10" for a couple of months now and my time has been split between work home, work for  1/72 depot and Modding on Benno's. I feel guilty as hell for not commenting on every ones work but it does not mean I am not looking!
I decided one night (with the aid of beer I might add) to challenge Thomas (another Mod on Benno's) to a duel. This might sound like a normal thing to do but for one thing, he is a bloody hell of a painter and I mean GOOD!!! We had both got our hands on the new TQD Casting commando and thought why not. A single figure on a 4x4 base. This is what I came up with.....
The base was made using a GW base and a piece of woodland scenic plaster rock cut using a small mita block and saw.

The vegetation is from woodland scenic foliage set and the ground is PVA glue and sand.

A cracking pose, I have never seen a commando with a Vicker's K gun in this scale before.

I wanted to steer away from the normal Dennison smock so after a bit of research I found that in Northern Italy they used plain sand coloured smocks, which was handy for me!

The rest of the poses are just as good and well worth the money, Mark Dixon at CP Models will be making a few more quid out of me.

Well  I now have got myself into some more duels and I don't think I will have quite the same luck.
This is what I was up against a bloody great entry from Thomas,Commando duel,Cheers for the duel mate!


Cheers for looking,    Rich.


Sam's Blog said...

It was a bloody good duel!
honesty difficult choice, but it's your blog so: congrats !!!

Alois Nebel said...

Hello Rich,

great painting of the figure. I think it´s one of your best. The composition of vignette is perfect too. Welcome to vignette builders club :-)


Al said...

Very cool subject, I think the uniform and general detail of this one is awesome mate, one of your best for sure

Paul said...

I keep thinking this is missing something...But its not, its flippin perfect.

Good work!

Erhntly said...

vuuu a duel.. I forgot to vote ..

Thanos said...

I prefer yours Rich! :-)
Excellent work!