Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Airfix M113 Fire support version Australian 1/76.

Hello all,

What is this I hear you ask, two post in three days? What ever next!!!!! But yes I have had this on the side for a week now waiting to post it, in fact I have a few bits and bobs already and waiting to shove in peoples faces and say "Look at this pony!"
This is a great little kit from JB models and badge under the Airfix flag. I was chuffed to monkeys with Airfix taking these moulds over.
Simple kits with about twenty five parts or so that fit well. This one is a mix of the M113 body and Saladin turret. It took about an hour or so between beers to build and about five minutes to spray with a can of Humbrol 86 olive green. I am trying to use the spray cans on jobs that on have one colour to save the hassle of cleaning the airbrush.
The tracks and wheels are all one piece so it is ideal for war gamers and lazy gits like me.

The barrel got drilled out with an unsteady hand but it seems to have worked. i have seen people drill out the smoke dis chargers but that is way beyond me even without a beer!

I forgot to paint the head lights and the decals got forgotten about in the beery haze that followed. I started weathering and then thought decals, shit!

I am not sure what makes it Australian without the decals but if I say it enough people will believe it.

The Ariel's are made from paint brush bristles which I read some where and look a hell of a lot better than the florist wire I have been using. It bends as well which is a bonus for the likes of me.

A bit of stowage wouldn't go a miss and black dog do a range of Vietnam kit, but I am not sure about the Aussie kit though.
The rest of the weathering is the faithful MiG weathering powder plastered all over the place.
All in all not bad for an hour of building and another hour of weathering and painting I think.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Tim Gow said...

Very nice finish. I have a couple of Airfix M-113s as yet unbuilt. It that another Italian 149 lurking in the background of the photos?

west1871 said...

Cheers mate,

It is that Italian beast you see, That will coming up soon!

Álvaro said...

Great paint Rich!

Erhntly said...

Hi my friend, good weathering and cheers :)

Maverick Collecting said...

What makes it Australian...only they used it!

peter said...

Looks like a really nice kit. Excellent painted and oh so nice weathering!

Looking forward to that beast in the background to ;-)


dwilde said...

Absolutley great looking tank, Rich