Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Italeri AWI Indian warrior 1/72.

Hello all,

Here is another  duel from Benno's that I had with the great Paul from a while back. It was three pictures and anything from the 18th century, an era of history I know nothing about apart from watching "Last of the Mohican's" on the telly. But that's one of the points of this hobby for me to learn something new from history.
I wanted to try something that looked 18th century so this bloke wearing the classic long coat  I think just about covers this.

The powder horn is something I have never really got right and the wife would not let me stick that film on again for research something to do with scalping!

The base is made from... you guest it sand PVA glue and woodland scenic cast rocks. The fallen log is a real twig so should bloody well look real!

The back ground picture I think saves this figure, it blends in really well with the base so it was a good choice from the Internet. The printer played up so that was great fun printing with dregs of the ink.

I wanted to try so moss out that I got from Silfor to give that river edge dark damp north American wood look. I would have loved to try some water effects but the base would have to of been much larger.

And here it is without the background. This picture is a look better focus than the rest and you get a better view of the base.
Not a bad effort n the end and I am quite happy with it. I am sure that people that know a lot more about this era than me will find fault with it but it is a learning curve.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Thanos said...

That's a terrific work Sir Rich! Excellent paint job and basing. Very inspiring indeed. :-)

Sam-Blog said...

It's a "Rich" good work !
you can be satisfied with it!
I think that the groundwork and the background are perfect to enhance a very well paint-job!

Jay said...

Beautiful modeling.

Alois Nebel said...

Hello Rich,

nice figure. The base is the best you´ve ever done. My compliments.

Paul said...

Breath tauntingly good Rich, the colours really work well mate, and you are the master of all things base related.

Spot on!

Sharif said...

Lovely paint job and base. He indeed belongs in the forest. Well done.

Phil said...

Wonderful figure...ans base, a great work!

peter said...

The figure, the base, everything is just perfect!

Good work Rich!