Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tamiya weathering master (for Peter).

Hello all,

This post is for Peter (http://peters I said I would show how I used this product.Unfortunately I have been suffering a massive hangover today and couldn't pick up a paint brush let alone paint so I have tried to find something nearly finished.
You will need to click on the images for a closer look and you can double click as well.

All I had knocking around was this tent and a pack Matchbox pack mule.This picture shows the two sides of the tent one weathered and the other left alone.

Here is the weathered side of the tent in better lighting.

It is really simple to apply this stuff, you just brush it on the raised bits.This picture was not easy to take one handed with a hang over.

For some reason Blogger is not behaving and making this post a nightmare.I am using the new version and I don't like but trying to stick with it. 

Here is the matchbox pack mule before the weathering powder has been applied.Today has been an utter right off, ohhhh my head!!!

You just brush it on like make up (so I have been told).It picks up the raised bits quite well.My stomach feels  like it is churning over and over and over and over.

Then brush it off with the other end if you go a bit mad with it or just want a bit lighter weathering effect.Why do I bother drinking, never again.

It is hard to tell how much it has improved the look with the crap pictures that I have taken but trust me it works.It lasts for a bloody long time as well.There are smaller brush's available.

I have also done the mule as well but only lightly.This not the world's greatest tutorial (At all!)But I hope this gives you an idea of how to use this stuff mate.Sorry it's not a figure but I am far too blurry eyed, self pitying and praying for a swift end to attempt it!!!

Cheers from a very hungover Rich.


peter said...

It wasn't my intention to torture you. I hope you will feel better soon.

Now about the tutorial. I'm convinced about the result. Tomorrow I have a meeting (and competition) in Mol/Belgium and I will look for this stuff. I hope I can find it there.

Thank you very much for this great tutorial my friend!


Paul said...

Ahh Rich, battle on thru it man!

Hangovers a mans best friend mate, I have one drop around to see me every now and then.

Good post in the circumstances.

Ray Rousell said...

Great post, I like the look of that spongey brush??? if that's what it is? I think you may need a greasy egg and bacon sandwich, always does the trick for me! Mind you it didn't last time, the bacon was off and so was I after I smelt it it, straight to worship the porcerlin god! Yuk!