Monday, 5 September 2011

Even more 1970's British SAS Dhofar 1/72.

 Hello all,

Yes even more Brit SAS ready to  take on the "Adoo".
On Paul's (Plastic warrior Paul) advise I tried to vary the uniforms to make them a bit more "irregular".I have seen pics of troops wearing RLI camo hats and different webbing.
 I also took Paul advise on using a brown wash on them, and to be honest it looks pretty good.The black I was using has made the other's  look a bit too dark.
The weathering powder from Tamiya came out again and I will do a post on how I use them (just for you Peter mate).
 A lot of washing has gone on this job which has done most of the work for these figures.
Vallejo flesh wash for the "flesh", then a bloody good wash of burnt umber for the uniforms and webbing.The SLR got a dose of black wash.
Here is a line up of the lads and you can tell which one's have been washed in black and which ones have been washed in brown.
The radio men need an Ariel and the base's removed with the jewellers hacksaw, then its base time again.I still think I need to get a few GPMG's in the line up but I think I am nearly there.


Cheers Rich.


Paul said...

Fantastic work. They are spot on! Brown wash certainly makes all the difference Rich.

Super outcome

Dan said...

These have turned out great, no undercoat? what type of paints did you use?

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great looking skintone, Rich

west1871 said...

Cheers lads for the postive comments,

Dan I used a light grey undercoat and I also use Vallejo model colour paints mate.

Cheers Rich.

mork6969 said...

I´m speechless (Is this a common term in english?;-). What a wonderful paintjob!

Thanos said...

I never knew how to paint flesh properly - you outclass us Rich! Great work!

CarloAntonio said...

Fantastic look !!!! All things are perfect . Very nice shading !!! Hat down my friend

peter said...

As said somewhere else also they look great!

Looking forward to that tutorial Rich ;-) Before sunday?