Monday, 12 December 2011

Revell Fokker D VII Finnish trainer 1/72.

Hello all,

I thought it had been a while since I built a Bi plane and this one I have had my eye on for a while.
I like this plane because it is different, well it a Fokker D VII so it is not that different just the decals and story behind it.
At the end of the first world war not all the Bi planes were handed over.Some were put in sheds and stored away by their loving pilots, but three made there way (smuggled) to Finland to be part of there training "fleet".
Two crashed in 1920 and the last one was taken out of service in 1924.The used ski's and the normal wheels.
Not a lot to add about this build as I have already built one,but I do like these simple little kits.

This one took three hours  from opening the box to putting on the last decal!
It was not meant to be built in one night but I had spent a further three hours tiding up the second bedroom to start building again.The wife was watching a load of "Women stuff" on the telly so I stayed out the way!

I tried masking off the camo scheme but that went tits up so I did free hand, which is not bad after seven bottles of beers!

When I first bought this kit on EBay for £4, I received it without ht e decals.I was going mad calling them a load of robbing ba#$ards.After contacting the bloke he sent me another one with the decals and said keep the other one, top bloke!!!!

Well after clearing out the room I found I had about seven more Bi planes to do so expect more!

Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Paul´s Bods said...

Now that´s original!!!! I know what you mean abou the masking...a complete pig sometimes...I´ve found that electrical insulating tape does the trick quite well..just did it with a fokker DrI...
Love the propeller!!!

Bluewillow said...

very unusual!

seems the beer makes straighter lines, must try that myself!!!!!!


Tim Gow said...

Splendid work - and a very unusual subject.

Erhntly said...

Hi Rich,
seven bottles :) I'like there..(bottles and Fokker)


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great looking bi plane, Rich

Anonymous said...

I think that basic Scotch (Magic) Tape is the best masking tape around.

Cheap, sticks well and can be removed easily, unless the taping has been left in place for ages...

*nitpicking on*
It would also seem that the camo on Revell box is wrong (unless ID357 has several camos during the years) -at least Roden's larger scale model has almost totally different camo for it. Probably Revell just winged it...

This also conforms very closely to the camo found in the excellent book "Suomen Ilmavoimien Lentokoneet 1918-38" that I used decades ago when building one.
*nitpicking off*

mork6969 said...

Nice work. I like the painting very much!

Paul said...

Beautiful work Rich and a interesting subject. I am too scare to mess with bi planes myself.

Great post

Al said...

Love the paint work mate:)

west1871 said...

Cheers lads,

Thanks for the info on the beast very useful indeed.

Paul mate, have bash at a Revell Bi plane they are a good starting point.

Cheers Rich.