Monday, 22 October 2012

Italeri Pakistani F-104 A Star fighter 1971 1/72.

Hello all,

Here is one I finished last week before I started to die. This is part of my attempt to improve my aircraft skills and they need a hell of a lot of work!
This kit had sitting in my new local hobby shop and the price was a steal so it would have be mad not to get it to practise on.
The kit like most Italeri kits go together very well indeed the two main half's fit well and very little filling needed.
I tried my had at masking off the canopy with masking tape, which is a art in itself, it can make the model or wreck it in my opinion.

The filling is another trick I am trying to master. I think the sanding is letting me down but practise, practise, practise!

Again I used Humbrol spray cans and a hell of a lot of masking tape!

I decided to go for the more unusual Pakistani air force decals to be different, but on hindsight I think the Taiwanese choice with its blue insignis would have stood out better!

Again its a shame Italeri do not provide crew for their planes but you cant have every thing. Not to sure about the new Revells ones either.

The canopy has a little gloss varnish on it inside from a gap in the side but not that bad.
Glad I built it, gave me some valuable lesson's and spur to build another!


Cheers for looking,  Rich.


Remco said...

Cool model, you done a great job here mate!

Thanos said...

Ooohhh F-104. Ive been in one of those during my early years. Nice job you did there Rich! :)

Jay said...

Nice modeling. The closeup on the pictures show a lot of fine work. I've got a 1/144 F-104 waiting to be assembled and painted. I hope I can get the canopy to look as nice as yours, Sir.

Tim Gow said...

Very nice. Puts my Indian Mystere to shame...

Sam's Blog said...

Not exactly the kind of planes I like but very good work Rich!
exactly what I'm unable to do!

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

well your better than me at airplane kits as I have not built one yet, well apart from one I made with a friend. a spitfire HE got for HIS birthday, I do not want to finish it without him but he has forgotten about it :-( maybe I should just complete it for him.

Room 2 OLA said...

Really nice work Rich. Well done.

Paul´s Bods said...

Nice build

Paul said...

Excellent execution here Rich, Sliver is a damned tricky business to paint in a aircraft.


peter said...

Long time ago we had these to in the Belgian Airforce! You did a great paintjob on these one Rich!