Sunday, 13 November 2011

Caesar Israeli defence force check point 1/72.

Hello all,

Here is a few pictures of the new Caesar IDF .I quite like the look of this set and it has a few conversion possibilities already.The base was knocked up today and the figures I managed yesterday before the England game and beer halted painting.
Here is the full picture, a Palestinian being frisked.

Another angle, the bloke peering round the corner has gone on a NAAFI break, honest!

Shame the rifles on this set are crap.No real detail to them at all.

I used Panzer Aces British tanker green for the uniform and Vallejo brown violet for the webbing.A bloody good wash of burnt umber all over finished them off.

The Jersey barrier is from GEM and the building are from EBay that I have had knocking around for ages.

The base is sand, PVA glue, and MiG pigment Iraqi sand.

The crackle is made by painting the sand just before it is dry.

I really should painted a few more but beer is calling and I have two days off work and intend to  enjoy them!

Cheers for looking,    Rich.


Erhntly said...

hi Rich,
I think, it's not 72 scale... because it's very realisticccc...

Jay said...

Sweet! the cracked earth is a great plus to the scene.

Paul said...

Well Rich, this is fairly cool work, everything is terrific.

IDF green is a bugger to get so you have done very well.

Tell that soldier to move away from the window at the corner of building, he's taking a risk!

Regards Paul

Enjoy the Beers!

Thanos said...

Nice dio Rich!
You managed to represent Israeli's forces uniform colour (a rather difficult one) in a great way!
Well done mate!

peter said...

Great composition Rich. I really like the groundwork and thank you for the tip how you did it. The figures are great painted. Maybe the prisoner is a bit to clean, but that's just a detail.


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Excellent Rich, your work is some of the best I've seen

Sam's Blog said...

Very Good work Rich! I like!

Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

Fantastic work. These figures are really useful for wargaming...stop and search-I dont think I've ever seen it on the wargames table before.