Sunday, 23 October 2011

Italeri USMC AH-1T Sea cobra 1/72.

Hello all,

I have tried another chopper again (OOHHH EEERRRRR MISSUS), with the mission of beating it (it gets worse).Helicopters and me have a love hate relationship going on.I love them, they hate me with a passion!!!!I have built two Gazelles and failed both times.This time it has gone a little better but my old enemy canopy's.
From the reviews I have read on this kit the canopy does not fit that well any way, but my insistence on trying things beyond my ability knows no bounds!I used micro sol canopy glue (or something like that), as well as Vallejo liquid mask.The bloody mask hadn't dried when I tried to fit the canopy to the fuselage, so I thumbled about and knob it.What didn't help was the seven beer's I had before that but that is another story, wait till you see the next figures I post!
The airbrush problem looks terminal, I think I must have tried juggling it and dropped it.I have air leaking out of the side and it is bubbling and spitting out paint.A small dent at the business end has spelt the end for this one I think.

The canopy join looks shit in my opinion and has wrecked the finish.My own fault but I have learned a lesson.

I managed to finish the paint job with a very cheap airbrush that does the job, a bit of a blunderbuss but has not let me down yet.

The build went okay and the only problem I found was I put a bit on the right pylon round the wrong way and only realised at the very end.

I thought I would go for a more Iraqi theatre camo scheme of light grey.I have been watching "Generation kill" on he telly and thought this would look good.

I put the decals on and it looked a hell of a lot better,.Then it got a wash of Pro modeller black but I don't think I stirred it enough.

Cheers for looking,     Rich.


Paul said...

This looks great. Stop beating yourself up about it. The colour looks good as does the painting and construction.

Helio's are dicey at the best of times.

I cannot even see where the canopy has failed to mate correctly.

Well done.

Nick Grant said...

Looks pretty crash hot to me!

Great work,


Beccas said...

I like it.

Tim Gow said...

Completely agree with Paul. It looks great - certainly infinitely better than anything I've ever turned out. Stop being such a bloody perfectionist and take pleasure in having created such a nice model. And have another beer.