Sunday, 9 October 2011

CP MODELS British Royal marine Falklands 1982 1/72. (just for Al).

Hello all,                                                                

This bloke is from Mark at CP models, .He is one of the cracking Modern forces range of TQD casting.
I hope to god Mark can get some Argentinians made for this range because it would make my day!
I thought I would try DPM again but I don't think I have quite got it right.The oche colour is missing, or rather lost when I did the wash on him.

 The beret is not quite right either, it needs to be a deeper green and the blacked out cap badge isn't how it should be.Saying that because you can't really see it should mean its right!
I suspose that I could claim he meant to be a rather rained on bootneck which would account for the dark  colour of the smock.The picture I used off the net is a bit lighter than I really wanted but it was free so I can't complain. 

The good thing about these figures is the fact you get a choice of heads and bergens so you could make a great line of Marines Yomping of into the distance.I really like all the small details on these figures, thing like the gaiters for example, and the crap lenny the large pack.

The base is one of the many MDF I got at a model show a while back.PVA glue, sand and some self cast woodland scenic rocks are the base of this dio.A good coat of Vallejo brown earth topped off with MiG dark mud weathering pigment.Silfor tufts and some rock debris was next.I tried to get some lichen on the rocks with a bit of yellow paint, not sure if it has worked.

This was for Al to make up for the "Cabbage head" comment, we all love boot necks mate!Not the best DPM I have ever painted but I think I know were I went wrong so I can have another go.


Cheers for looking,    Rich.


Nick Grant said...

Very evocative, very cold and barren...very good in fact!

Well done.


peter said...

Very nice painted figure Rich! And I like the background you've used!


Al said...

Probably the best subject you've ever done:) Superb!

Paul said...

Agreed. Top class effort. I think he may need some mutton chops however!

Add a few slashes of dark yellow to improve the DPM.Washes do that eh!

Regards Paul