Thursday, 18 August 2011

Trumpeter Croatian T-55 Build 1/72.

Hello all,

Yes I know it say's Russian on the box but I wanted to try a Balkans war model.So after a weekend away in the city of dreaming spires they call Oxford,wondering around the beautiful building of history and learning,and to be honest feeling a little bit thicker than normal.I have started a tanden build with Paul from,Plastic warriors blog,
 ,Check out Pauls progress, he's like the bloody Usain Bolt of the modelling world,I will never be able keep up!!!!!
 I have to say this is a cracking model!!!It is the first Trumpeter model I have built and so far it is going together like a dream.
The chassis is done ready for spraying,when I have done the base coat second coat and painted the road wheels I will try the tracks.
I like the way Paul has givien his "Track sag" which I think makes a build.He has also done very simply as wel,top man sir!!!
The top  of the body of the tank took a very short time to build and looks great.Went together very nicley again, even the holes that I had to drill out seemed to work.
I will spray this on its own as well and give a final coat when joined.
A quick dry fit to make sure that I have not cocked it up on a massive scale.The external fuel tanks have seams running through the sides and I rather laziely tried to get round this by pouring a load of glue in it and hoping it would level it out.I doubt it will work but you never know.
I bought some  metal tank gun barrels on EBay for about £2 to jazz it up a bit, but to be honest this models gun is very good.Now seam mark on the gun and the end is hollow as well!
A better view of the barrel to show the end.I have the barrel now and will use it because it is still better than the plastic one but time and paint will tell.
This is the sheet of Bison decals Iam going to use for this build.I like the Croatain decals and give a bit of colour to an otherwise drab camo scheme.
You get a shed load of optains about 30 odd different AFV's worth of decals, so my T-72 and one or two Pegasus T-34/85's will get an outing.
The bottom scheme is the one I am going o try and I hope to have this bad boy finished by the weekend with any luck and if the good lady wife les me!
I have got to get a .50 cal MG for the tank which was a surprise for me.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.


Paul´s Bods said...

How will you do the track sag...pins or glue???

west1871 said...

I will be using the glue method mate,I have seen the pin way of doing it but this time K.I.S.S.

Cheers Rich.

peter said...

Very nice model Rich! Looking forward to the progress of this beast ;-)


Paul said...

Super work so far, I agree totally about the crispness of the parts and the construction.

Very good choice of vehicle. I am looking forward to the finished result.

Regards Paul.

P.S Stop talking me up, I am worried my T55 will not live up to expectations now!