Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Hello all,

This was an entry for a duel with the great Paul (off of Paul's bods) on Benno's figure forum,follow the link for the Medieval drinking duel,(it's now finished so don't bother voting this time,always more duels to vote on though).
I would like to thank Paul for having the duel and for once not kicking my arse (which he normally does in a duel).

The rules were, two people, any base ,but must be about being on the piss, or for any one reading this out side of the UK being drunk or drinking.
 Paul was his own worst enemy on this one.I was having trouble working how to remove the base's on these amazing Valdemar figures (metal figures by the way).He suggested using a jeweller's hack saw.I had never heard of this before and thought he was taking the piss, hoping I would go to a shop and ask for one and look a tit when they laughed at me,Tartan paint and all that.
But it was true they did exist and £12 later I was sawing my way through them,having knackered 3 figures with a pair of cutters.
Funny that we both used the same figures for the duel.

 These figures are a dream to paint.loads of great detail that the paint picks up well.They are not the cheapest in the world but most definitely the best,you pay for what you get.
Not really knowing much about medieval clothes or the period I thought a few films would come in handy.After watching "Kingdom of heaven" and "Robin Hood" I started painting.
I used Vallejo paints on these boy's and thought I would be getting away from green and brown of camo clothing but no.By all accounts you bog standard peasant didn't shop at "Top shop" and had a bit of a boring choice of clothes.
The base was made using some of GEM's basing products that I got for coming third in his competition he kindly ran on his blog, and some silfor tufts.I was quite chuffed with GEM's products and when I run out I will be restocking  with a few more bits from his range.The soil is from his pigment range and so is the random rocks,long loose grass and bits of undergrowth.The tree was bought from a model shop but it looks so simple to make  ,I bought some wire and will use the same technique for my Selous scouts base.

I am really chuffed with this dio and will use the base for other photo's of figures.Once again cheers to Paul for the duel and I am sure he will get his on back in the next one.

Cheers For looking,   Rich.


Al said...

Way cool, highly original

Paul said...

Awesome. They look very merry.

Well done.

Thanos said...

Splendid work Rich!!
Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum (even though this isn't the case)!!!

Paul´s Bods said...

Excellent!!! I´ve just Pi**ed myself laughing about the saw story. :-D
Well worth getting a kicking in a duel for :-D
I fancy a Kebab now..

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Very realistic, Rich

CarloAntonio said...

Very nice diorama ! I like this !!Compliments