Friday, 31 December 2010


Hello all,

This is part II of the new Italeri obstacles as promised.
Yes I know the metal traps belong on a beach but I could not wait and that's for the next dio anyway.
 The figure is from my mate Cole in the states and he is from the Caesar WWII US Infantry set 2,
I had no plans for this base or figure for this era painted, so when this fellow turned up in the post,(ready painted) it was a god send.So a big thanks Cole I am working on something for you in a way of thanks.
 I should have have cut one of the dragons teeth up and placed them on the edges to make it look a bit more even, but I was in a rush (again) and wanted to get it posted.
 The metal traps are in two pieces and went together very well and are the best looking type of trap I have seen.
I have been getting into Revell acrylics lately, because for larger jobs it is cheaper and gives a better finish.Vallejo metal paint does not give a good finish compared to Revell.

I used iron/steel colour, with a black Vallejo wash.
A good brushing of a mix of MiG standard rust and black smoke for the rusting.
 This German staff officer is from Caesar German army with greatcoats, He is screaming Rommel to me and I might have to visit Battalions and hordes and get myself another one.Give him a black leather trench coat over looking the Atlantic wall.
The other dragons teeth had just a medium sea grey, then MiG pigment concrete and dry brushed with silver grey.
The base is a photo frame with florist foam either side to make a small embankment.This was covered in PVA glue and sand.The bloody glue soaked into the foam so I had to work fast.I pushed the dragons teeth into the glue and moved on to the sand and gravel.The sand covered the all of the dio and the road got some more gravel,bigger bits made the Central bit of the road/track.
Then came the painting, and good covering of Revell brown earth followed by a good dry brushing of Vallejo Iraqi sand.The grass is the Silfor special that I normally use, but it does look the nuts.Anyone can make a half descent dio using it,just look at these pictures.Makes any old pony look good.
I used a mix of silfor grasses and plants to give a feel of depth,If it's anything like my garden there should be wilder beast crossing it and BBC wildlife film crew covering it!

I am chuffed with this one and you will no doubt be seeing it with various tanks and trucks on it for photos so I apologise now!


Thursday, 30 December 2010


 Hello all,

Well I have had a crap day,firstly I get a bloody parking ticket then my neighbour tells me I have a bloody great chunk of rendering missing from my wall!!!!!
So back to modelling for a cheerier mood, well that and beer (many beers!!!)
I bought these dragons teeth in the new Italeri set and could not wait to use them.I had paint these weefriends paras a while back and had run out of ideas on how to base them.
 So killing two birds with one stone this popped into my mind.Better than the normal wall or desert base's for a change.
I used the PVA glue and sand method and pushed the teeth into that. A quick dry brush and then on to the teeth them selves.I started by painting them Vallejo Iraqi sand, then washed them with burnt umber.Another dry brushing with medium sea grey followed by a lighter dry brush of silver grey.Then a good going over with MiG pigment concrete.
Static grass was added with a thin covering of liquid glue.I messed up by not cleaning of the extra grass before the pictures and have only just noticed it!
I really like the these weefriends figures,one of the few metal figures that are well proportioned for dios.This is a very good pose and for a change I used a layered paint style.I don't think it turned out that bad so I do not know why I don't use it more?
The uniform is straight out of an Osprey how to model Fallschirmjagers.So if any thing is wrong blame them!
I have a million and one ideas for these tank traps,which is just as well because I have been running out of ideas lately for basing.Walls and rocks do get a bit boring even for me.
I have another dio in WIP some with any luck I should have another post tomorrow using some more anti tank obstacles


Cheers for looking,   Rich.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


 Hello all,

Due to Christmas and family commitments, I have had bugger all time to paint anything.So I will show you a long term project that is getting closer to the top of the "to do list".
I saw a picture of a model Seehund on a timber frame being worked on and wanted to expand on that idea.

 The ICM Seehund kit is a dream kit apart from the torpedo props which is covered in flash.
I built the kit in well under an hour.You get two options to build the early and late version in the same box.They sell the two different version separately but are the same spruces inside both boxes.The only difference is the rudders and side tanks,so don't worry if  you can't get either box two of the same will kit will do both versions.
I have two seeehunds but cocked up the spotted cammo scheme on the second early version and I am going to have to strip it back some how.
The Airfix NATO pilot is there just for scale!!!!!
These are photos of before weathering and after just to give an idea of what I did with it,I am sure that people could do a hell of a lot better.
The big project is going to involve a dockside scene with the sub out of the water being repaired and a few Revell German sailors parading in front of it.I am trying to get all the bits I need to do this in one hit.I have the figures the base frame, the sub, the cobbles,some crates but the main issue I have is the join on the corner of the cobbles and dock wall.The mooring pillars or big poles were they tie it up with (You can tell I was in the army and not the navy!) is proving difficult to find or make.I was think of using a Willis rail way crane on the side though it wouldn't be able to lift it and I would get bored of people saying "that couldn't lift it".
Any way that's about it for now I will keep this updated and I am determined to finish this one so watch this space!


Cheers for looking,  Rich.

Friday, 24 December 2010


Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought I would start on a festive note.This was for GEM's competition,but as I didn't read the email correctly I can enter a different work, which is great because the lighting on these pictures are crap.
These are from Caesar modern US infantry, its the first time I have tried US infantry so here's how it turned out.
 The figures were painted with Iraqi sand and Russian uniform green for the webbing with camo colours added.I used Brown earth and DAK tank crew highlight for the uniform cammo.
I tried to do an African/American soldier and used Brown chocolate for the skin tone.
 The base was made use florists foam covered in Vallejo dark mud effect, and paint Vallejo dark sand.The door and lintel is made from plywood and the knocker(Oh err) from putty and a bit of florist wire.
The usual sand and PVC glue method for the ground.Then a shed load of weathering pigment from MiG,sand,dry mud and concrete.
The "Jersey barrier" is from GEM and a very nice bit of kit it is too.It is made from resin and you get four in a set.
Well there you go a very quick if not rushed dio.
I am pissed of about the lighting and should have waited for the sun to put his hat on.Not even photo shop can fix it.I am happy with the webbing,I managed to get the green cammo looking OK.



Cheers from Rich,  Claire, & Alex.

Sunday, 19 December 2010


 Hello all,

This is last nights effort.I got my Christmas bonus on Friday, and could not spend it because my son and heir was ill.Then sods law it bloody well snowed.
Being a die hard modeller and being made of sterner stuff, I wrapped up well and yomped off down to town with my bonus burning a hole in my pocket!

 After spending a shed load on kits and figures, I had to lump the lot back on foot.With a loaded Bergen I made my back home.
Well this is one of the kits I bought, the Italeri fast build m13/40.This is what you get for your money, two kits worth of well fitting parts that are nicely detailed.
Fast build kits have there limitations,they are not going to win you any prizes, and are designed for war gamers, younger modellers and bone idle gits like me who take for ever to build things.
 It went together very well, if fact to well.I started this kit by accident, I went up stairs to add them to the stash and thought I would have a look at them.Then I thought "well I will just put this bit together and then this one" next thing the bloody thing is build in about 5 minutes!I tell a lie I left the tracks off for painting,no glue was used at all.

I used Vallejo dark sand 847 and Russian uniform green for the cammo.It did take for ever to do the stripes but a few beers help keep things on track.The tracks and MG were painted using Vallejo oily steel and given a good dose of Vallejo black wash.
 I added the decals last night.Yes you did read correctly, A fast build kit coming with decals,A LAST!!!!!Okay this is not the first,but Italeri are to be commended for addressing this problem.The give you a load of different options for the same company of tanks so for the war gamers again but nice all the same.
The exhausts was painted with MiG pigment standard rust and little specks over the mud guards to show ware and tear.The next one I build I will use Plastic warrior Paul's idea with marmite for weathering.I am very happy with this kit and I have always wanted an Italian tank since I saw the old ESCI kits when I was a smaller child.

Cheers for looking,   Rich.

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Hello all,

It has been a while since my last post or reply for which I am sorry (not been feeling to clever, only 1 beer in four days!!!).So to keep my hand in I am posting some more of my old work.
These kits are from the excellent JB models range, now being released under the Airfix banner.I love this range, the only range of British support and AFV's around in plastic.
 The kits are simple and go together very well.The only down side to this range are the decals are crap, I mean they look great but I have had no end of problems getting them to stay on.To be fair they do give you about four different number plates so making a battery is not out of the question.
The gun I have waffled on about in a previous post so I won't bore you to much about that.This time I  did it in the towed position, but pictures I have seen on the net have shown it towed in the firing position as well.
 The 1 toner has a much better set of wheels than the land rover, the only draw back to the rover.They are too small for the 110 and they look odd.Please excuse the tarp roof not fitting but it is not glued yet because I intend to add a driver from CMSC/Kingfisher miniatures.I might add some ammo crates as well.The interior is okay  and could be modelled as an open top with some wire add on's.The wing mirrors are scratch built but you can get detail sets from Kingfisher miniatures if you can get hold of the bloke!!!
The other great thing about these kits are you can paint them up in desert schemes for the first Gulf war and at a push the second.The gun would need a more up to date fire control system but a small box on the gun sight would sort that out.
I have a load of these in desert cammo but are not really up to the standard to be shown (Crap in other words).
I am buying some more of these so watch this space!!!!!

Cheers for looking,  Rich.

Sunday, 12 December 2010


Hello all,

A busy weekend even though I am feeling like crap still.I thought I should try some thing different this month and Caesars Conquistadors, fitted the bill.I was watching a programme on the National geographic channel about them and with my Aztec warrior, why not.
I have not got a clue about these figures and it shows.Not the best paint job either, I think the undercoat was a bit to thick on these lads, mainly the face.

The armour has not come out to bad, but the choice of colours for the clothes are a bit "iffy".I tried to paint between the ruffles on the legs and arms but it didn't quite turn out that way.
The browns turned into a bit of a big mess and I didn't wash the green so a slap on the wrist for me.

The face is a real let down for me.I thought I had got them sorted but the Vallejo wash I normally use didn't have a chance to pick up the details so sorry about that.
There is still some mold lines on this fellow so once again I am sorry.The gun is still bent so I wouldn't fire that in a hurry.That is a problem with Caesar figures a lot of dent weapons which I don't really know how to straighten.
I am not to happy with these figures and feel I can do better.I really like the idea of the Conquistadors as a subject so I will not abandon this project.


Cheers for looking,   Rich.

Saturday, 11 December 2010


Hello all,

This is another "Plane month"entry, and I have to say a "BLOODY SEXY KIT".Don't get me wrong it not Natalie Imbruglia, Katy Perry or the wife sexy, but you get my meaning.
I will start at the beginning.I had an old Airfix MiG 15 kit knocking around and for some reason I thought I had bought two.So when Plane month came along I thought I would start the second one (the first attempt being crap and ending up in the bin.).
I thought I saw it up in the loft, so this morning suffering with man flu I scaled the ladder and discovered I owned one (The one in the bin).A quick dash down to the local shop and hummed and arrhhed about paying £5.99 (£1 more than normal) for a new one.I had heard there was a new tooling out of this kit.I got Home and opened it up and realised that it was the new tooling of this kit and it was BRILLIANT!!!!!!
I had been toying with the idea of getting the hobby boss kit or the resin seats and new canopy for it,because to be honest the last one was crap.
I don't real like planes that much but the MiG 15 has always caught my attention, I still don't know why but I do.
Airfix has thrown out the old mold and started afresh with this kit  and it shows.I started at 10.30am with this kit and finished at 5.30pm (with 4 pints and most of "Black hawk down" watched).
I have decided to fight off this man flu with beer, beer and some more beer just for good measure!
I have enjoyed this kit beyond belief,it was a pleasure to build after that MiG 21 which was an old kit.
The kit went together like a dream, the only problems were my heavy handiness with the cutters.
The instructions were detailed and easy to follow,and the painting  and decal sheet were the best I have ever seen. A nice two sided colour glossy sheet showing all three options.I wish all instruction's were this detailed.
This time the aerial wire behaved it's self.I am not sure it is in the right place but I went off the box so be gentle with me.
The paint I used was Revell acrylic 361/99 aluminum.It is the best paint for planes I have used.Vallejo metal paints I find are not that good,maybe I need to use the alchol based paint mind you they do cost.The Revell paint gives you an airbrushed finish.
 Again I have used the printed runways fromPistes pour diorama(free runways), Again many thanks to this site for the info.The hexagon design is meant to be a Russian runway,I am happy to take their word for it they seem to know what they are on about.
There is the world supply of decals for this kit, and for a change they went on like a dream.I used nearly all of them bar a few odds and sods.As you can see the plane is covered in them.
This time the exhaust smoke effect worked and didn't look like it had been shot down.
All in all this is a great kit and I am going to get at least one more,North Korean version is screaming out to be done.If Airfix keeps banging out kits of this standard I will be a happy bunny,bring on the new Spitfire I say!!!!


Cheers for looking,  Rich.

Friday, 10 December 2010


Hello all,

This is another "Plane month" entry.This MiG 21 is from Airfix.A simple kit with a sod of a canopy.
The MiG 21 (Fishbed) was built in 1959 - 1985 and has served with air forces all over the world.
For a better history of this plane follow this link
wikipedia MiG 21 .

The plane went together well apart from the canopy and landing gear.The wheels were a bit spindly and the landing gear flaps did not fit that well and cause no end of stress. 
 I decided to try and jazz up the seat and give it an ejection seat pull handle ,by drilling two holes either side the head rest and bending some tin wire in a loop.A simple paint job of yellow and black gives the impression of some form of handle.
I have no idea if the camo scheme is correct or not.I should have printed one of the net but five or six pints convinced me that I knew best and common sense was for sober people.I think this reflects in the standard of paint job and another lesson learned.I also  cocked up the Aeriel by trying to be a clever sod and try to glue invisible mending thread and a lighter to tighten it.Bloody locktite will be the death of me,really it will.I forgot how flammable it can be.I nearly toasted the whole bloody plane!!!
The decals were the next challenge I drunkenly tried to over come.they all went on well apart from the  left hand "66" which folded and cracked when I tried to rescue it.The red stars are a bit transparent for my liking but you get what you pay for.It was an old kit on the shelf of the local model shop so I hope new kits have better decals.
The runway prints came free of charge from this site,Free runway, so thank you very much for this site.They add a nice touch if trimmed and mounted.I still have an awfully large amount to learn on plane building but Got to start somewhere and keep going.

Cheers for looking,  Rich.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Hello all,

I got this fellow from an online shop the sells figures individually and cost me a pretty penny I can tell you.
I am not sure if they are going to make this set or if its been dropped.I have got another figure to paint and post from the same people so you will have to wait a bit.
I painted this figure and looked at him and thought, he looks a lot like a surprised Chris De burg.He's even wearing red.

I don't know why I went for red on this fellow, OH yes I do, I hate painting white!I know nothing about Aztecs so this is a bit of winging it.I am quite happy with the shield for a change.I think it looks Aztec, but more importantly I got it straight and centre.The  yellow behaved its self as well.I have been having a few problems with my yellow paint being lumpy and watery, maybe I need to shake it a bit more.
The base was nicked from a Frenchman for the night, because I am running out of painting time and wanted to get this on before my sister comes down for the weekend.The back ground was from the net and looks alright for the job.I hope this set is released it would be nice to have something different out there to paint.

Cheers for looking,  Rich.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Hello all,

My first post for "Plane month", an old build but with better pictures this time, I have already shown this on the Airfix tribute forum,.There is a hell of a lot of better planes on there than mine I can tell you.This was the second plane I built when I got back into the hobby.
 This plane was a bit of a nemesis for me.When I was at school, I had saved up my pocket money and rode a bloody long way to the model shop.I bought the model and raced home (another bloody long way).Upon getting home I feverishly opened the box and discovered it was missing the canopy!!!!
So I jump back on my bike and rush bloody long way back to the shop to discover that it was the only kit and no bloody canopy.At least I got my money back...and a bit fitter.
I have been determined to exercise this demon and I think I have.
Typically the canopy looks crap because I didn't paint the bottom of the glass and it stands out like a polar bear in sunglasses trying to get into a giraffe's only golf club!
The kit went together quickly and did not need any filling,not that I do any of that anyway (and it shows).The decals were printed a little off the mark but could have been solved with a bit of paint.
I brush painted the plane because I do not own an airbrush or know how to use one.Bloody expensive looking things but the effect look great.
I would love to get another one and do the desert plane with some ground crew and stuff.I would recommend this kit to any one hows getting back into the hobby or just starting.The lack of cockpit detailing is the only let down but there is other types produced by Airfix and other manufactures.

Next the Mig 21.


Cheers for looking,  Rich.