Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hello all,

I have had a busy weekend this week.The weather has been absolutely brass monkeys,so staying in in front of the box or painting was called for.
Not wanting to miss out on "Gun month", I decided to try something a bit different.I am quite happy to buy any kit from any era......apart from Redbox.Now get around to paint them is another matter.A lack of knowledge always show in painting figures and a bit of research never goes a miss.Still does stop me from looking at the back of the box and copying that!!!.

This kit is from Zvezda medieval field powder artillery, there is three guns, crew and a horse team.A couple of boxes, buckets, and powder bags are a welcome addition.

 They fit together well without glue, and the instructions are clear and use full.I paint the gun on the spruce which was a mistake.Using acrylics meant that the paint came off when I put some force on the parts.So I had to re touch it up away, live and learn, live and learn.
I had to use some PVA glue to mask the joins,I am learning to make that little bit more of an effort to get a better result.Always worth taking a bit of time to do something.
I gave the carriage a good wash with Vallejo burnt umber, and the barrel a wash of black.I went a bit to mad with the black but it could look like smoke.
The crew was copied straight from the box so blame them if its wrong.I am getting used to using washes on figures now, and have invested in several different colours.I tried Games workshop washes and found them a bit thick even with thinning.The Vallejo washes are great and I now have most of them, money well spent.I did like the bloke about to fire the gun I managed to put a little bit of orange on the tip of the wick to look like an ember.

The base is a name plate from Hobby craft, and only cost £1.29.I used Vallejo dark mud effect, simply smeared over the base pushed in the figures, gun, and box.Marked out the wheel ruts and left to dry for about five hours.I got a figure with a foot sticking out and pushed it in the mud to make foot prints but I only did one foot so they must have hopped around the gun.A bit of Mig pigment lightly dusted and there you go.
So for a venture into the unknown world of medieval guns I am quite chuffed with it.I am really enjoying painting at the moment so I am making the most of it.


Cheers for looking,  Rich.


Hello all,

This Academy Curtis P-40/B kit went together really well,its not the most detailed kit in the world,but then again I am not the greatest plane builder either.
I know nothing of aircraft so I couldn't possibly comment on it accuracy or faults.For a change I tried a world war 2 plane,just to see if my attempts are getting better.My last bash at a WW2 plane has ended in disaster, a rather cute little Airfix Brewster Buffalo and will now end up crashed on a pacific island.
I started this build with Blackadders immortal words to Baldrick ringing in my ears "RIGHT BALDER'S ,JUST REMEMBER WE'RE NOT AT HOME TO MISTER COCK UP!".I was determined to get this one right!
The kit was built over night and I was really chuffed with how it turned out,the cockpit dash dry brushed well,my attempts at straps were not that great.I did sand the plane this time and it looks like it was worth the effort.
I was not happy with the camo scheme on the box so I thought I would look around on the net for inspiration and come up with this.All this happened after I spent half hour painting the canopy a sand colour.I really hate canopies and need to invest in some paint mask's.
The first layers of paint went on nicely even the canopy looked fine,so all was well in the world, right up until I decided to be a bit clever and give it a burnt umber wash!!!!That's when every thing went tits up,and Baldrick whispers in my ear "SHALL I MAKE MISTER COCK UP A BED?".
The wash was excuse the pun "a wash out".I did not stay nice and even, and because I took too long a streaked and look blotchy.Its fine from a distance but up close it looks crap.Then my old friend "mister cock up" decided to hang around for the decals, the bane of my modelling life.They creased,they tore, and they are shinier that Telly Savalas's head.Again some clever camera angles and you can't tell but the plan for this plane was for a nice base a few ground crew and a pilot.I am not going to use this plane for a dio with that much work involved for several reasons.The main one is space, I have little space at the moment and have to choose my work carefully.Another reason is cost, the base would be about a £10 or so,and I am just not happy with the plane.
I think I am at the bottom of a learning curve,just like when I started with figures again.I am learning where I am going wrong so that's a start.
If you want to see where I went wrong click on the images for a worse view.(Notice this bit isn't as big as normal).Please feel free to comment.

Cheers for looking, Rich.

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Saturday, 27 November 2010


Hello all,

This is a figure from Caesar British SAS, set.I plan to do more figures for two reasons,firstly they look the nuts, and secondly you only need about four colours to paint them!I always love the film "Who dares wins" with Lewis collins and the late great Edward Woodward.The scene when they are all running down the hall in black kit is the best bit,they look hard as nails.
I started by removing the base and gluing him to the red cap for painting.I used PVA glue,learning my lesson from loctite.Then a quick coat of dark grey all over,No need really for an undercoat because the un painted figures are grey anyway.
The webbing,harness's,boots and Heckler and Koch painted matt black.A wash of black over the grey coveralls gives a reasonable look of faded black.
To highlight everything I used Tamiya weathering powder lightly brushed over everything.
A very quick figure to paint,so that's why I will be painting more.The base is going to be a bit more of a challenge though.I think a team of four against a wall/doorway would be about right.The Italeria Apartment block would be great if it wasn't so expensive,very "Prince's Gate".
Its a shame Airfix never brought out a set of there 1/32nd figures in 1/72nd,There are rumours of a lost mold somewhere,but I think its being looked after by Elvis and Lord Lucan.If you see any of them let us know!


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Monday, 22 November 2010


Hello all,
This is an entry in a duel on Bennos forum, against Maurice duel,,which I am loosing,but clawing it back.The duel is any two modern figures on a small base.
The figures are from CMSC/Kingfisher miniatures (brilliant figures if you can get them.)
I scratch built the ariel on the pack with a right angle of florist wire and a small section of evergreen plastic hollow rod,rounded of at the end with a file.
I have had these figures for a while now a thought what could I do with them.I had forgotten how great these figures are so when the duel came up these seamed the natural choice.I got bored of being beaten by Paul and decided to loose to some one new,so Maurice's name came to mind.
I had to paint the prone bloke on a bit of spruce on the normal red cap to get underneath of the bloke,and had the same problem with radio operator as I had with my German policeman....the curse of loctite!!!!
Too much and you get a massive pool above the knee which would not shift without wrecking the paint job.I must use loctite with a bit more respect,I should use white PVA for figures and wait for it to dry.
The SA80 or 5.56 rifle as we were told to call it,and day sack came in separate kits from kingfisher and is worth every get gpmpys, LSW'S and rifles in the set.the bergens come in two sizes as well.

The base was made from sand glue and woodland scenic plaster rocks and Mig pigments.I have taken photos of how I make these and will post how I make them so people know what I am going on about.The background picture was taken from the Internet and just propped up behind them.I got down to eye level and started snapping away.I had to retake some pictures because they just didn't look right,I have found it is worth doing this because a good paint job can be ruined by a bad pictureThis is why the figures are facing different directions.
I am happy with this dio and not sad that I am loosing to Maurice in this duel because his is a bloody great dio so cheers mate!
Cheers for looking Rich.

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Saturday, 20 November 2010


Hello all,

Don't worry I haven't gone over to the dark side yet.This 1/35th
figure is from ACADEMY, a set of six figures ranging from Cochin China 1948 through to Chad in the 1980's.
I have only done one figure from this set just to see how hard it would be to scale up my painting and see if I could pick up some pointers for the normal stuff(1/72,1/76.20mm).And to be honest it was harder than I thought.I don't know if its practise that  makes it easier doing smaller stuff than larger but I found it a lot more difficult doing the details strangely.
Well you know what they say practice makes perfect,so I think I will have a go at the bloke from Chad,would like to try an African base.
 The shading and eyes were the main reason I tried 1/35.I thought if I can perfect it on a large scale I could down size.Well I might hear you say "But that blokes wearing shades!" and you would be right,like a plonker when I cut him off the spruce and put him together then I realised he was wearing bloody shades.....BLOODY POSER!!!!
Say what you what about the French,but they do have style!Even if his trousers make him look like MC Hammer.When the war was over I wonder if he went into panto.Of course I would never say this to his face due to the fact he was a Legionnaire and hard as nails.

These pictures are to show two things.The first is  the difference the flash makes when taking a picture(please let me know which is best please because I think the one without the flash is better).And the second is for the keener observerers of this blog,they will notice that there is table,a table clear of crap and models(well mostly).
This set had been tempting me for a couple of years now in a shop that I don't normally visit.So one day I decided to act put my hand in my pocket and parted with £3.99.Not bad for six figures really and they are something different.
Cheers Rich.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Hello all,

This is a quick post of an entry in a competition on Benno's follow the link if you fancy entering competitions but sadly got kick out be a far better entry(even I voted for it.).
The figure is from the brilliant TQD casting range of metal figuresSGTS MESS TQD,.I have not seen any other German policemen in this scale so I thought it would be different.
The rules of the competition was two pictures of a single figure on a base no more than 3cm x 3cm.
The base is not the normal sand and glue for a change but willis stone sheets and cobbles trimmed down to fit with evergreen plastic corner section to support it.The drain pipe is made from some plastic tube and the poster is from the warflag site.
The figure was painted using a magnifying glass for the piping,buttons and hat.
I got kicked out fairly and squarely by a far Superior figure of a french artillery officerFrench officer,,I think its going to be the winner myself,so good luck to whoever painted it.


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Sunday, 14 November 2010

JB Models/Airfix L118 Light Gun 105mm.

Hello again.
This is some more older work.I posted this on Bennos a while ago but I think the pictures were crap.
This JB models(now an Airfix release) of a L118/l119 105mm light gun.It is used by countries all over the world.The kit comes with two guns and either the L118(British) or the L119(USA) can be made.the difference is the size of barrel and breech block.The gun can be built in firing or towed position.The crew does NOT come with the kit and are from CMSC(now Kingfisher miniatures,).
 The trailer is from JB Models(Airfix) land rover set and I have used as a limber.Also available is the 1 tonne land rover that can be used to tow the gun.Now a days the Pinzgauer is used to tow it.A dio of one under slung from a Puma or Chinook would be an idea.
The hand spike was added from a broom bristle and the recoil springs were covered with Vallejo putty to make covers.The crew comes with shells and charges but sods law I lost them in the mountain of kits in the stash so I had to scratch build the spent cases out of plastic rod.They have now surfaced and will be add to the next dio I build.
Now people have said that the gun is aiming to low but on some research I found pictures and film of guns firing at that angle,SO BACK OFF!!!I thought I had cocked up  until I saw it,so its a bit of a relief.
The base is sand (yawn),PVA glue,(yawn) paint and dry brushing(yawn),but this time some normal static grass around the gun to make it look like its been trodden down (Cheers Paul for that mate)and Silfor tufts around the edge of the base.
I have about four of these guns in various states of quality build,but will get more and build them to a better standard.More scratch building on them like a computerised firing system and such.I have the 1Tonner Land rover and towed gun built and painted, I just have to build a descent base for them.


Cheers for looking Rich.

Saturday, 13 November 2010


Hello again,
More ramblings from a bone idle modeller.This is a HaT armour fast Cromwell converted to a centaur.I have seen several of these kits made into this type of tank and thought why not join the "IN" crowd.
The kit has two models of about 12 pieces each or so, but no decals.
The decal problem was solved by looking at the Brit modeller Royal Marines Centaur Tank,,(a bloody good model and review)at a model  of a centaur tank that had bison decals.Normally decals get right up my nose,but once I had removed a rivet or two the decals went on smoother than a cashmere cod piece!I love micro solve and bison decals.
 The Centaur IV tank was a Cromwell tank with a 95mm howitzer used by the the Royal marines(for Al) on D-Day.The tanks were meant to stay on the landing craft and provide fire support for the landings because they had the engines removed.Then somebody had the clever idea of putting the engine back in and the centaur could travel about 10 miles inland to give further support to the infantry.The tanks were driven by army drivers but the guns manned by Royal marine gunners.The compass marking on the side of the turret was meant to aid the gunners,but if anyone knows how it helped please let me know?

The gun was scratch built with evergreen pipes glued together.My first effort was far too long so I  thought I could just snap it off.Normally my gluing could be removed by waving at it,but using loctite on this one because of the quick drying time,I could have gone rock climbing off it!I had to resort to my drimmel type rotary hobby cutter,which is lethal.Took it off in a second,leaving melted plastic smouldering away.Glad I did it because it would have look "odd" otherwise.
The base was the most lazy thing about the whole project,just sand poured on a frame with a picture for a background,sorry running out of space and money.I will build a descent base for this including beach defensive and crew at some point.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Hello all,

This was a WWI plane I entered in a duel with Paul(off of Paul's Bods) on Bennos duelling section,Amazingly I won and for once and was victorious over the great Paul(He has beaten me about far).
 I do not really know a lot about WWI aircraft so  I am not going to lie and say I do.What really got my interest in these Revell kits was the price and amount of parts that was in the kit.Being bone idol and watching the "Blue Max and Aces high", I thought I will have a bash at some of them and at £2.99 a kit you can't go wrong!
In the duel the rule were three pictures (flying) with one including pilot.Normally the duels on Benno's are figures so we thought we would go for something different.So a duel in the skies came to mind.
I do like the eyes on this pilot,took my a while to get them right.
 This kit comes with two types of decal,one for a home defence squadron and the one I went for a plane in Palestine.The home plane has only two blades on the prop and the dessert version has four blades.
 The rigging is florist wire but Paul is going to show me a way of using "invisible mending thread" and no this is not one of Paul's wind ups either.It looks a lot better than my iron girders but a lot more work so a sacrificial plane might be needed.
 This is my sixth bi-plane and if I can get the rigging sorted I doubt that it will be my last.Small cheap kits that come with two or three decal choices is to tempting.
 I had to wait about four days for a break in the weather to take the pictures(at work).I made a mate a work hold the Tail end just by the wheel with a pair of long nose pliers on top of a bin outside in the car park.We must have looked a right pair of w#£kers!
At the end of the day I am chuffed with this kit a few bits here and there I could have done better,but The pictures turned out better than I hoped for.
I would like to say to Paul Cheers mate for a great duel and worthy adversary....look forward to the next one!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

ALGERIA 1954-62.

Hello again,
I still have not finished tidying my room,but did find these knocking around.Some more older work as you can tell by the mold lines.
The Algerian war of Independence is a war I know little of,and from what I have found out it was a nasty,horrific war with atrocities carried out by both sides.I got interested in this period because of watching "the day of the jackal" with the great Edward Fox.Knowing little of the shadowy OAS or their reason for the attempt to kill De Gaulle(A dis-like for large noses might be a bit over the top.)I wanted to know more.I bought an Osprey book from amazon on the subject and was quite surprised by it.
The first figure is meant to bean Algerian ALN (Army of national liberation)fighter.They main used like any guerrilla anything that they could lay their hands on.A lot of old WWII kit US,German,British and french.
I tried to convert the classic Airfix DAK grenade thrower into something different.The scalpel was used to chop the hat down to make a Bigeard cap, and remove the water bottle and gas mask canister.A few donated pieces of kit from some ESCI American infantry glued on and there you go ready to paint.I have tried to do two styles of cammo the trousers are the sausage skin design and the other I have now idea so please feel free to let me know.I will do some more of these figures because they are different and unusual.
The next figure is a French foreign legionnaire(from ESCI)and yes the rifle is far to late for this war but its not easy finding figures for this period so bear with me.He is a victim of mold lines a problem that plagues me every waking moment.I think he looks suitably hard as nails and would not like to bump into him on a dark night.
The next figure is meant to be a French infantry NCO.Again with sausage skin cammo and armed with a 9mm SMG.I should have used a gloss black for the shades,it would have looked better.This ESCI soldier could be converted to I am sure but I become reluctant to cut up figures that cost and bomb and hard to come by.The extra Jerry cans and drums come from the academy jeep set and the wire holder is from the airfix jungle outpost set.

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My wife has decided that the second bedroom needs to live up to its name,not a bloody model shop.The words Sh#t hole,pit,mess,and dump has been used A LOT!!!To be fair "she who must be obeyed" does have a point.I think I haven't cleaned it up since my first effort at playing around with Mig pigments,when I finished I smeared the brown mud pigment all over the nice beech computer desk and I have been covering it up ever since.
After reading Gunners blog about having a shed load of projects on the go,I realised that so do I and more than likely everybody else.I must have about nine projects on the go and twenty in my head.If I am ever to start finishing any of these projects I must stop watching films and documentaries and think"OOHHH that would look good in 1/72".
My main problem is space to actually show the master pieces I throw up.So it does limit the size of my dios that I can make.the other problem is the better halfs belief that our son and heir would be better off in a larger room.Well that's fine when he gets a bloody job and pays some rent he can get a bigger room,so I got about a eight more years left(unless they repeal the child labour laws and I can put him up a chimney!).
Another issue is being dragged into foolish "duels" with Paul(off of Paul's blog) just when we finish one we get ourselves into another one.It like that film "The duelist" with Harvey Kietel(without the hate or trying to kill each other)about two Napoleonic french officers who keep dueling each other for about twenty years!Dueling with Paul has given me a kick up the arse to get a project started and finished so cheers mate.Paul normally wins these duels but every now and again I get one or two back.
I have a "stash" of models from before I got into painting again.It took about five years of buying models to finally picking up a brush and working on them.I t stems from buying a set of figures on Ebay for a silly price because it was discontinued,so I thought I better get this and that before they stop producing them a I have to re mortgage the house to get them.I have no problems with buying any era,tank or plane what so ever so that's why the cupboard is over flowing.Any way enough rambling you have seen my mess I work in so I better do as the love of my life says and tidy up!

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Hello all,This is another older piece of work.Every now and then its nice to have a change of subject,painting everything green or brown can do your head in after a while.Caesar Hebrew warriors They do not exactly call this figure Samson but its a bloody good guess that's who he is meant to be.
This was a simple project,(well its not the Sistine chapel to be honest).De-greased him,removed him from his base,glued him to a big red cap (like a big thimble)to let my sausage like fingers hold the figure.A quick undercoat and a wash of flesh and and sand for the loin cloth.The hair was one of the most fiddly bits to do,use of a magnifying glass was needed for the ends(split ends) and red bits.All this was given a wash of burnt umber and a little weathering powder.
He was mounted on a bit of finest Dorset stone and one of my back drop pictures put up for the final pictures.I have a stash of background pictures because I live in England and the weather in cobblers,so a nice sunny day or blue sky is only a sheet of A4  away.This was a very quick effort for a sunday night and is something different.I will get round to painting him some mates (or foes,or even Delilah)one day.

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